PCS Ethos and Aims

We are a community at PCS, and we respect and value our similarities and our differences. The aim of our community is clear – to prepare our students for the world they are growing into, so that they grasp the opportunities offered to them and are not limited by the choices they make as children.


We expect everyone to sign up to the ambition of our school.When you arrive, you join in – from your uniform to your manners to the quality of the work in your exercise book. We will provide you with the opportunity to succeed, and we expect you and your supporters at home to do everything possible to make that happen.


Everyone is a leader at something. School is about finding the strength to lead and also the strength to follow.


Community Cohesion is central to the ethos of PCS. It is integral to all areas of our work within our school, local, national and international community. In essence this means at PCS we promote an inclusive culture where every individual or group of individuals matters. We promote and celebrate an inclusive culture where:

  • • There is a common vision and sense of belonging by all communities
  • • The diversity of people's backgrounds and circumstances is appreciated and valued
  • • Equal life opportunities are available to all
  • • Strong and positive relationships exist and continue to be developed within the school and the wider community
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