Subject Overview

Classics is the study of the Ancient World. It is interdisciplinary in that it includes history and language and some geography. The benefit of studying ancient history is to gain perspective on present times.

Latin was the language of the Roman Empire, as well as medieval Christendom. Latin has been described by some as a ‘dead language’. But Latin very much lives on. Almost every Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary the UK has ever had has studied Latin; the modern foreign languages French, Spanish and Italian are in fact modern dialects of Latin. Moreover, approximately fifty percent of English words – and a higher percentage than that with regard to academic and scientific vocab – come from a classical origin (either Latin or Greek).

Teaching and Learning

Classics is a new subject on the PCS Curriculum. It is undertaken by those students in year 8 following the PCS Baccalaureate pathway. Students will follow the Cambridge Latin Course as delineated below. As an Option subject, we will follow the WJEC GCSE in Latin. Whilst the main focus is the Latin language, the ancient history aspect will continue, and it forms a significant part of the examination syllabus.

Year 8

Terms 1 and 2
• A Roman Family
• Life in a Roman Villa
• The Market in Rome
• In the Forum

Terms 3 and 4
• Classical Theatre
• Slavery
• Food in the Empire
• Gladiators

Terms 5 and 6
• The Baths
• Public Speaking
• Political candidates
• Vesuvius


At Year 8 students complete assessments during each module throughout the year and sit an end of year exam. If they pass, they will get a Certificate from Cambridge.

At KS4 there is no controlled assessment or coursework in GCSE. The GCSE syllabus can be viewed in full here:


In Year 8 a 30 minute homework is set once per fortnight. In addition, vocabulary can be learned by setting up a completely free Memrise account (Google it) and selecting Latin.
Homework is easily accessible to students through Show my Homework:

Teaching Staff

Mr Dan Hill, Clasics Teacher:


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