Design Technology

Subject Overview

In Design and Technology students learn how to design, develop, make and evaluate products through a range of practical experiences. Our hope is that they will be able to work safely and confidently with a range of hand tools and machines, as well as being able to use computers to model designs and to create cutting paths for CAM machines. All students will also get to solder electronic circuits and consider ways to make products more sustainable through good material choice and moral design decisions.

All students will learn about a variety of materials including fabrics and textiles, smart materials and drawing media. Whilst there are project plans in place, students are encouraged to think creatively and so projects will evolve depending on student interest and ability.

Our modern facilities enable students to cast, turn and heat treat metals, mould and bend plastics, shape woods and boards, and sew fabrics using sewing machines and interlockers. We have a DT CADCAM suite with computers for modelling in 3D, a laser cutter that is used across most projects and CAM routers that can cut out shapes in harder materials.

From Year 9 students may choose to study GCSE Design and Technology from the AQA exam board with a focus on either textiles or wood based materials. All students will learn about mechanisms, electronic systems, hard and soft materials, energy systems and many other topics. This will give a good basic knowledge for anyone who enjoys the design and making process, or is thinking about a career in the fields of design, engineering or technology.

Teaching and Learning

Year 7

Students are taught in mixed ability groups and have 2 periods over the 2 week timetable.

Terms 1 and 2

Introduction to DT

• Health and Safety information and hands on experience/testing
• 1st Project to cover basic skills and reinforce HS
• Desk Tidy
• Design and make task
• Introduction to pine, plywood and acrylic
• Use of Belt Sander, Pillar Drill and Hegner saw
• Hand tools, marking to length and general accuracy skills introduced
• Focus in the design folder is the introduction of drawing, annotation and presentation skills

Terms 3 and 4

• Finishing practical aspects from Desk Tidy, and evaluating the project
• Design and make an Electronic Board Game
• Skills focus will be basic electronics, building circuits using copper tracking, membrane switches, using CAD to produce the board game and construction skills to make the frame
• Researching products on the market and 3D drawing
• Start to look at control
• Structures
• What and how structures work
• Paper tower challenge
• Bridge construction using straws

Year 8

Terms 1 and 2


• This is an automatic night light that turns on and off by a light sensor
• Batch production & designing for a target market
• Mould making, shaping plastics using the vacuum former, producing a circuit board using electronic components, control systems, finishing work using vinyl, joining different materials, card modelling and development.

Terms 3, 4 and 5

• Finishing evaluation and practical aspects from Nightlight.
• Clock and storage unit
• Research and focus on a particular target market, group
• Skills are CAD/CAM using 2D design to draw and produce an acrylic clock on the laser cutter
• Produce and decorate a plywood storage unit for the clock to go on.

Term 6

• Subject test
• Body adornments from around the world
• Pewter Casting
• Skills covered- Card modelling, detailed annotations, CAD/CAM to enable the moulds to be cut on the CAM 2 machine, heating and casting pewter into the MDF moulds, shaping filing and polishing the products
• Pupils will design and produce the packaging for their product which incorporates the whole business promotion
• Pupils will also Vac form their castings.


Work is marked in accordance with school policy and parents are informed at the four data points throughout the year.

In June students take a DT test covering the specific skills and experiences over the year. The result of the test will be sent home with the Data Point 4 level.

Teaching Staff

Phillip Cornish - Head of Design Technology -
Dawn Carey - Design & Technology Teacher -
Paul Edmonds - DT Technician -


Need Help?

Simply contact the school office via our telephone or email address. During term we aim to respond within 24 hours.

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