Subject Overview

The Exam Board is AQA and you will design and make several small projects covering different manufacturing techniques, materials and CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing).

Skills experienced will enable you to produce a high quality design folder and well-constructed products.

The controlled assessment is based on tasks set by the exam board and most of the work is carried out in class.

Over the 3 years of the course you will develop a wide range of designing and making skills, technical knowledge and understanding relating to Textile Products and invaluable transferable skills such as problem solving and time management

Teaching and Learning

• In the GCSE groups all classes are mixed ability. All the lessons are taught in DT rooms with access to the CAD/CAM room and a bank of 30 laptops.

• All classes are taught by Mrs Bottani

Year 9

Introduction to Textiles and Patchwork Cushion

Tools and equipment:

• Select and use tools/equipment and processes to produce quality products

• Use tools and equipment safely with regard to themselves and others

• Developing key skills in order to construct and manufacture a patchwork cover for a cushion

Bag for life

A renown supermarket chain wants you to design and make a bag for life to add to their existing range. Design and make a prototype ready for approval

Skills and processes

• Be creative and innovative when designing

• Design products to meet the needs of clients and consumers

• Be able to describe printing process and produce an example of each technique:
block printing, tie dyeing, screen printing, transfer paints

• Understand the design principles of form, function and fitness for purpose;

Wall hanging

Design and make a wall hanging inspired by nature using all the skills learnt so far

• Development and use of design brief and specifications for product development

• Consider environmental and sustainability issues in designing products

• Test and evaluate the final design proposal against the design specification


Design and make a skirt by designing your own paper pattern

Skills and processes

• Work accurately and efficiently in terms of time, materials and components

• Manufacture products applying quality control procedures

• Ensure, through testing, modification and evaluation, that the quality of their products is suitable for intended users and devise modifications where necessary that would improve the outcome

• Designing and making paper patterns

• Garment construction techniques

Year 10 and 11

Clutch bag/make up bag

Design and make a clutch bag/make up bag which incorporates a nad woven panel

Skills and processes

• Design a product to meet the needs of clients and consumers

• Use, where appropriate, a range of graphic techniques and ICT (including digital media), including CAD, to generate, develop, model and communicate design proposals

• Investigate and select appropriate materials and components

• Use tools and equipment safely with regard to themselves and others

• Work accurately and efficiently in terms of time, materials and components

CAD/CAM - Christmas decorations

• Have knowledge of Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) and to use as appropriate

• Select and know how to use a variety of appropriate surface decorative techniques in order to improve the aesthetic qualities of textiles, fabrics and products.


• 60% of the final grade

• Based on tasks set by the AQA exam board

• Comprises a detailed design folder and the production of the final product

• Constant revision and testing covering exam practice and experience


• Homework will be set once per week to be handed in the following week

• Students should spend around 60 minutes per week

• All homework is on Show My Homework with worksheets attached

• Some homework will be revision from the textbook for a test the next lesson

Some tasks will be to complete parts of their design work or to research relevant products

Teaching Staff

Mrs Fulvia Bottani, Design Technology Teacher: fbottani@phcs.org.uk


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