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Supporting Our Wonderful Students Well-Being

It is so great to be supporting the whole PCS community this year. We had our first family webinar on Tuesday 13th October.  It's great that so many of you could join us live but you can still watch the webinar, details below:

To access the Skill 1 Webinar all about how we can support our daily well-being go to our website - To access the webinar follow the instructions here and go to the PCS page and then you’ll need to enter the password nnpcs20. It is called the Skill 1 Webinar - #DoYourRocks. Details of next month’s webinar for the whole community will besent to you in the week after the November holiday.

To learn about to whole #NeuroNinja programme we’re following as a school this year, watch the video at the top of the page. Any questions about the Build a #NeuroNinja programme just get in touch with

Yours sincerely

Andrew Wright
Action Your Potential


We also make weekly videos focusing on key aspects of mental health, you will find the latest ones on our YouTube channel. Titles and links for these videos are below. We are always keen to answer any questions and lots of our content is generated in response to students, parents, carers or teacher’s questions.

Video Title:
Are You Feeling Wobbly?         
We Need To Talk About How We’re Feeling
How Do I Stop My Son Or Daughter Worrying?

As a subscribing school you all have your own bespoke content which can be found on our website.

To access your content follow the instructions here and go to the PCS page and enter the password: nnpcs20.

Any questions about the Build a #NeuroNinja programme just get in touch with us 

A Helping Hand For Our Minds

We are always striving hard to support all of our wonderful families in new and innovative ways, particularly in such complex times.

Please find below a quick video from Andrew Wright which he's made in response to lots of queries he was receiving from parents, carers and students about how they were feeling as changes were made to our national response to the coronavirus. Andrew's company Action Your Potential is providing all of us with support this year for our mental health, well-being and also helping our students get the most out of their learning.

Also, you all have access to website, jammed back with information about stress management, well-being and learning.There is an entire section on how to Live Positively In Our Negatively Biased Minds, that contains lots of information to help us respond rather than react to these tricky times. 

Launch Letter

12 Rocks Of Well-Being

About Action Your Potential



Need Help?

Simply contact the school office via our telephone or email address. During term we aim to respond within 24 hours.

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