Amex Numeracy Cup

Harvey Waller - Thursday, May 23, 2019
Amex Numeracy Cup

On Friday 17th May, 16 students went to the Amex stadium for the numeracy cup and a tour of the Brighton football club.

We got there early so we had a chance to look around, the outside of the stadium was very high and imposing. When all the other schools arrived we were introduced to Rob and Frazer who explained what we would be doing for the day and split us into different teams.

First we did a Brain Gym game, we were asked to look at lots of different football pictures and to try to memorise all of them. They were then taken away and we had to write down all of the ones we could remember. My group got 9/10, which we thought was very good.

After that we were asked lots of different questions about footballers, all of the answers were on posters around the room and we had to find the answers and report back. An example of the questions we were asked was ‘How many footballers were born in April?’ I think we came second or first in this challenge, I’m not sure.

Half of the group were then taken on a guided tour, whilst the other half got to play Jenga. On the Jenga pieces there were amounts of money which we had to add up and the highest total won. Unfortunately we came second in that game.

We also played a sugar game where we had to guess how much sugar was in an item of food or drink.

We then got to go on the guided tour around the pitch and behind the scenes, we also got to take lots of pictures. Rob told us a lot of facts about the stadium as we walked round. Later on we had another quiz where we had to answer questions about the stadium and some of the facts Rob had told us.

There was a lot of maths involved in this part, as we had to work out how many circles and right angles there were on the pitch amongst other things.

After the tour we got to go into the club shop, we played a game, where we had a £100 budget to buy what ever we liked but we had to spend exactly £100 - this was harder than expected but we came first in that game.

Next we went back inside and played Fantasy football which many people in our group had played before. We had £7million to spend on players for our team but if we spent too much we would get points taken off our total. We spent dead on £7million and came first again.

Our last activity of the day was a football related maths quiz, we had 15 questions to answer in 20 minutes, some were easy and some took a lot of working out.

Everyone had a great day at the Amex. Both teams did really well and PCS came in third place out of 11 schools. Although we didn’t come first we did very well and everyone had a great time.

Written by Abigail.