Bude Trip

Harvey Waller - Tuesday, July 09, 2019
Bude Trip

Day 4 Report

The 7am bell goes off and it’s time for our last run or swim of the week, which lots of us were quite relieved about!

Today was the day we were looking forward to the most as we were going SURFING!! And it did not disappoint, after the struggle of getting in the wetsuits we collected our boards and headed to the beach. We got a good 2 hours in the water and it was epic and it's safe to say we were far from professionals.

After a tiring session it was time for the evening disco and main group awards, the awards up for grabs were, bottle (overcoming fears) joker ( keeping the spirits up all week) and superstar ( being an absolute legend).

For PCS the awards were as follows;
Bottle- Karl Frogley
Joker- Ryan Blunt
Superstar- Mia Dawson

After an entertaining night and a lot of dancing, it was time for bed.

This morning was our final day and our last activity, we were on caving! Many of our students were quite anxious about small spaces but gave it a good bash, fun was had by all.

We have said our goodbyes and are now on the coach, what an amazing experience, see you all shortly!


Day 3 Report

Day 3 had a busy schedule, after our usual morning wake up for a swim or run we had our on site activity day.

First up was the climbing wall and abseil, many people conquering their fears of heights and for those more confident it was races up the wall, a very enjoyable start to a warm morning!

After our lunch was the high ropes, again a challenge for those who struggle with heights but again we got stuck in and absolutely loved it, there were also loads of other activities that we could take part in.

Before our evening activity we got taken for an ice cream by the teachers, many flavours to choose from and very refreshing in the Bude heat.

The evening activity was the eagerly anticipated football tournament, we did not let the school down and won every game.

Tomorrow is the surf day, hoping for some big waves to ride!!

Day 2 Report

Day 2 of Bude consisted of some tired students getting up to the 7am bell for the morning run or swim before a breakfast involving bacon and sausages.

After we were fuelled it was time for our first activity- mountain boarding! Quite a few students were intrigued to see what it was about. We walked up to the top of the hills and strapped ourselves into the boards and even got to try some ramps, very enjoyable.

After lunch we took part in canoeing, where we went down to the canal and got into our boats, due to it being such a nice day we were actually looking forward to getting wet and that didn’t take long as the boats started to tip!!

The evening entertainment was fancy dress and our students certainly impressed, we had woody, Spider-Man, a life guard and cheerleader as well as many others. Fun was had by all and we are looking forward to our climbing and high ropes day tomorrow.

Day 1 Report

The next morning we were all woken up by the 7 o’clock bell and get ready and outside by 7:15. We could either go for a morning swim or run to wake us up.

Our morning activity was Team Trail where we had to work as a team to cross a course whilst carrying buckets full of water. We went through tunnels, tires and ropes. Once we got to the end we all slid down a tunnel in the Dunk Tank.

Our afternoon activity was Bodyboarding where we all had wetsuits and learned to skim and catch waves in the sea. It was lots of fun and everyone had a great laugh. We then all joined in with the evening karaoke and we all tired and ready for bed again.

Our first couple of days have been incredible, we have made new friendships and enjoyed every minute of it and we’re looking forward for tomorrow.

Written by Dan