Cambridge University Visit

Harvey Waller - Thursday, December 07, 2017
Cambridge University Visit

On Wednesday 29th November a group of year 10 & 11 students had the opportunity to experience a day Cambridge University Campuses, Churchill College  & Trinity College.

After a very early start and a long minibus journey, we were greeted at Churchill College with a humorous lecture by Dr Jonathan Padley. He shared lots of interesting and funny anecdotes about University life. He dispelled some of the myths surrounding the barriers that some of us have about University and what it is all about.

We then had a quick tour of the grounds of Churchill before a hot lunch in a huge panelled dining hall.

After lunch we walked into the town of Cambridge. We were met by an undergraduate in his fourth year at Cambridge and another who has just started in his first year. They took us on an amazing tour of Trinity College. Everything about it was grand, the grounds, the accommodation, the library, and we even saw where the film Chariots of Fire was filmed.

It was an incredibly inspiring day. The message we took away with us was that if you work hard you will succeed. We also realised that anyone can go to University if they want to and have the right mindset. All of us PCS students felt very motivated by all of the people we met. We now understand how we need work hard to get the best possible GCSE grades in order to make sure we can take up any opportunities that arise in life.