Chicago Trip

Harvey Waller - Friday, April 12, 2019
Chicago Trip

On the evening of Wednesday 6th March, PCS Dance & Drama took 45 students to watch Chicago School edition at the Old Market Theatre in Hove.

This was performed by Brighton Theatre Group-Youth, and it was a phenomenal performance. They have children from 11-18 within their company and they all performed their characters exceptionally.

We also had three current students in the play: James, last seen playing Danny in the PCS performance of Grease, performing the lead role of Billy Flynn. James did a fantastic job in this role showing off his skills in acting, singing and dancing.

Bailey,who also appeared in Grease as Kenickie, showed his versatility playing the other male lead: sorrowful, loyal Amos Hart gaining sympathy ‘awws’ from the audience, and Evie Turner, who played Frenchie in the PCS production of Grease, was one of the dancers performing quick and challenging dances.

It was also fantastic to see many of our ex-students (Beth, Emma, Beth) who also appeared in featured roles. The whole show had such professionalism, with high production values all round. Their next show is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which will be performed at The Theatre Royal in August.