Christmas Mannequin Challenge

Harvey Waller - Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Christmas Mannequin Challenge

Year 7 students at PCS were very keen to fundraise for The Clocktower Sanctuary for the homeless in Brighton

So Mrs Alborough set each tutor group a target of raising £15 for the charity. Once raised their £15 would be their ticket to take part in a Y7 Christmas Mannequin Challenge.

Each group was given a Christmas song, and they created a whole class tableau (a skill they have beeen learning in Drama lessons) based on the lyrics of their song.

It was a huge success - 180 students filled the corridor and on the signal, everyone was absolutely silent and frozen until Mrs Alborough had finished filming. A fantastic sense of achievement for not only beating the Mannequin challenge but the more important factor of successfully raising £112 for the Clocktower Charity.