D of E launch

Harvey Waller - Wednesday, March 14, 2018
D of E launch

We had a fantastic evening  on Thursday 15th March launching the Dof E at PCS. Thanks so much to all of those students and parents who came along. It was great to see so many of you!

We would love as many year 9 and 10 students to undertake the Bronze award. I know from experience how much students get out of this. Imagine after a lovely day walking on the downs with your team, the reward of cooking with your mates, enjoying hot chocolate round the fire and then camping under the stars....

A big part of the award is the challenge of the skills, volunteering and activities sections which are really enjoyable, fulfilling, life affirming and rewarding to undertake.

I have included a link to help you with ideas of these sections -

The closing date for applications from students is the 26th April. Application forms are available from Mr Gates

If you have any more queries and questions please do get in touch with Mr Gates -

Once again a big thanks for your support.

The PCS DofE Team

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Peacehaven Community School.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or ‘DofE’ as it is referred to, is the world’s leading youth achievement award. Established 61 years ago and undertaken by millions of young people, employers, colleges and universities recognise DofE as one of the top programmes through which young people develop valuable personal and work related skills such as: confidence, independence, self-esteem, communication, team work and resilience.

The award develops these skills through a broad and balanced programme of activities which can be undertaken at three levels Bronze, Silver and Gold. Activities are completed for progressively longer timescales at each level and fall into in to the following sections:-

Volunteering: To give your time freely to help your community, people, environment or animals.

Physical: Take part in an activity that requires a sustained level of physical energy to develop greater physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Skills: Develop personal interests by learning a new skill or improving an existing one.

Expedition: Develop a spirit of adventure and discovery by completing a self-sufficient journey as part of a team.

In our first year we are offering all pupils in year 9 and 10 the opportunity to enrol onto a Bronze DofE Award. The pupils had a short presentation about the award in an assembly and parents attended an information event on 15th March at 5.15 to 5.45pm for further details.

One of the guiding principles of DofE is that it should be ‘achievable by all’ and at the information event we will explain how the school can support ALL pupils to take part in the award. We do hope your son/daughter is interested in taking up this fantastic opportunity to get involved. If you are able to attend the parents’ information event please click here to download the letter and fill in the slip within it.

Yours sincerely,

Mr N Gates

D of E Leader