D of E - Non Uniform day

Harvey Waller - Friday, May 18, 2018
D of E - Non Uniform day

Breaktime Cake Sale: Cakes available today outside the library and in the Staff base.

Thanks to all of you lovely students and staff for donating towards the PCS DofE! We salute you.

Pay £1 on entry to school for the privilege of wearing non-school uniform (school appropriate dress - no crop tops etc) on Friday 18th May.

This is to help fundraise and support our Duke of Edinburgh's Award programme. The D of E programme is such a great opportunity to raise the aspirations and confidence of our students, to give them an opportunity to volunteer in the local community, learn new skills, get fitter and enjoy the great outdoors.

The cost to students to undertake the D of E is £170 each, which can be a barrier to our pupils families. We do make concessions for our disadvantaged students but the School is committed to making it accessible to all and in order do this we need to reduce the cost for parents and carers, so it is affordable to all.

To help raise money to support the D of E, the School has kindly agreed to have a non-School Uniform day.


The exception to this are Year 11's taking their French Exam in the morning. They must come in in School Uniform for the exam and can bring in non-school Uniform to change into after the exam.

Please encourage as many students and staff as possible to support and take part in the day.

Any questions or queries please email

Many thanks

Mr Gates
D of E Leader