D of E September Meeting

Harvey Waller - Thursday, July 19, 2018
D of E September Meeting

It's the final Count Down.......Parents and students DofE meeting Wednesday 5th September, 5pm.

Excitingly, our first expedition will be on Friday 7th & Saturday 8th September and we need to meet with you in order to ensure our students are ready and equipped for the first trip. So we kindly ask that you come in on the above date to meet with us.

Our first expedition starts in Alfriston and finishes in Polegate. We do not have enough transport to ferry students to the drop off and collection points (without incurring costs).

We would therefore like to ask If some of you would consider if you could be able to offer to carpool to take and collect students to the drop off on Friday Morning and the collection on Saturday afternoon?

We would appreciate you giving this some thought over the summer and on the evening of the meeting we can collate who will take some students and organise the logistics.

On the note of costs you will remember we had a fund raising day and raised a substantial amount of money. At the meeting we will be in a position to tell you how much of a reduction we are able to give you all and organise that coming back to you.

Have a fantastic summer and thanks for your continued support!!

Nick Gates and The Dof E Team.

 If there are any issues or you have any queries then please contact Mr Gates: