Easter Letter from Head

Harvey Waller - Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Monitoring Visit
Thank you for the many kind messages that were sent in yesterday regarding our inspection, and for the support we have received generally this term.

Your children deserve special credit for the way that they have conducted themselves over the last week, which culminated in their impeccable behaviour yesterday. They showed me how much pride they have in PCS and they did, indeed, show-off to the inspector!

As the inspection was a monitoring visit, the outcome will be a letter which will update you all on the progress we are making as a school. This should be with us early on inthe new term and we will put it on our website as soon as we are allowed to share it.

New Head.
When we return from the holiday there will be lots of opportunities for students to meet the new Head of School, Rachel Joseph. These will begin with Ms Joseph introducing  herself to students in assemblies from the 24th to 27th April. After that, Ms Joseph will aim to be in school for at least a morning a week until the summer holidays.

Parents and carers will have an opportunity to meet Ms Joseph at 7pm on 25th April. Penny Gaunt, the Chair of our IEB and Derek Trimmer from Swale Academies Trust, will also be there to update you all on the school's progress and future plans.

I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend, and that students come back to us safe and refreshed on Monday 16th April.

Yours faithfully,

Austen Hindman
Head Teacher

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