England Call Up

Harvey Waller - Wednesday, November 21, 2018
England Call Up

Jay was selected to play for the England under 16 team in an International/Competitive B1 game of football against Italy.

It was held at St.George's Park and this is the first time Jay has represented England and the team won 2-1. Jay also had conversations with Jon Pugh, (England Head Coach Blind Football) who is looking into the classification side of B1 football, particularly the design of the blindfolds.

Jon said to Jay that once he is 15 he wants him to play in the England National league which is all the England B1 players divided into separate teams in one league. He also said to Jay that by the time he is 16, classification shouldn't be a problem and is hopeful that he can join the senior squad and train for the Paralympics for 2020/2024.

This is an incredible achievement! Well done Jay.