Exam Reminders

Harvey Waller - Friday, May 11, 2018

Students need to be in FULL uniform. If they arrive in incorrect uniform, they will be asked to change into spare uniform we have at school.

Parents will receive a phone call informing them that their child has arrived to their exam in incorrect uniform and then asked to check this for future exams. Any repetition of this will result in parents/carers being asked to escort their child to the exam, ensuring correct uniform is worn.

Students should arrive fully equipped to the exams, PLUS spare pens and pencils.

For Maths and Science exams please bring your own calculator. There are a limited number of spares but we cannot guarantee that there will be enough. Students should all have their own to bring with them.

Timings: AM exams start at 9.00am. Pupils need to be in the new foodhall by 8.40/8.45am at the latest.

Pupils follow their normal TT/school timings until Weds 13th June. There will be a leavers assembly and farewell in the afternoon to mark the start of study leave. Pupils from then on will only need to be in for exams and lessons of exams that are still left to take.

Please contact myself - or Ms Murphy - if you have any further questions.

Kind regards

Kate Leggett
Head of Year 11