Food & Design Tech Contributions Plea

Harvey Waller - Monday, December 17, 2018
Food & Design Tech Contributions Plea

All our students gain so much in practical lessons from working in a team or to learning independent skills, or knowledge about diet and nutrition and how to solve real design issues.

They gain skills and knowledge that are invaluable and we are so proud that we witness daily students enjoying their learning and flourishing in School. As with all things these days it comes at a cost.

As parents and carers are aware, we ask for a contribution towards the costs of ingredients and materials used in Food and Nutrition lessons as well as Design and Technology. We thank those parents that have made their contribution. The DT and Food faculty rely on this to help provide ingredients and materials. We have reached a very difficult situation where we have not received these contributions from a number of parents and carers. If these payments are not made we will have to consider stopping cooking and practical lessons in classes because we cannot afford to buy the materials for them.

As we all can appreciate with our own shopping and household bills the cost of food ingredients and products have risen greatly over the last few years, which means the contributions we receive from you are of even more value. Being aware of rising costs of living, we offer a variety of payment options through parent pay. We want to support all parents so please do phone the School If you have issues with payments or would like to discuss payment options.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Mr Gates
Head of Technology