Football Reports

Harvey Waller - Wednesday, October 09, 2019
Football Reports

Year 8 Report - On Tuesday 8th October PCS played a very strong Shoreham academy side.

Pcs played into the wind in the first half and created a few chances whilst cutting out the viscous attacks from the Shoreham side, the play from both teams was very high in standard and neither team gave up. PCS played some brilliant football but we could not find the target, we were very unlucky in the first half and happy that we were drawing with a side like this.

However we went out strong and fought hard but then late into the second half we missed a touch on a through ball which got deflected and their player rebounded it in for one nil to Shoreham. We kept our heads held high and fought stronger than we did leading out, it was unlucky for our goalkeeper Jack as he got across his goal and merely missed the ball. We kicked off and was heavily pressured and their central midfielder ran through the centre of the pitch and put a neat composed finish across our goal catching us off guard then straight after kick off they won the ball and scored another goal.

We then held them off, pressuring very heavily and got caught heavily outnumbered in a four on two, we tried with our best efforts to hold them of whilst others tracked back but the two of us could not hold them off enough and the striker had a free shot which Jack could not get across to in time leaving the score at 4-0 with about eight minutes to go.

We tried with our best efforts to get some goals back but their defence stayed strong and did not let us get past and then very late with a short amount to go they countered and dominated our defence putting a final shot beyond our Goalkeeper. The game ended 5-0 to Shoreham, we congratulated them at the end and  made our way home.

By Jake.

Year 7 Report - Peacehaven v Dorothy Stringer


We won the toss and battled well throughout the game. We conceded early within the game. However, we played resiliently throughout the first half creating our own chances. We regrouped and started to play some good football and managed to keep the ball in their half for periods of time. Dorothy stringer created some fantastic chance throughout the game and took all of them. The boys battled until the end and showed moments of excellence. The final score was 8-0 to a very strong Stringer team.