Kent University Trip

Harvey Waller - Wednesday, December 05, 2018
Kent University Trip

On Thursday 22nd November, after a VERY long coach journey, 55 year 8 Baccalaureate students arrived at the beautiful Canterbury campus at the University of Kent.

When we arrived we went to a lecture hall where we found out all about university life. We had lots of questions which were answered really clearly.

We found out about; courses, accommodation, societies, what you needed to do to get to university, how much it would cost, and the doors it would open to us. We were really lucky to experience workshops based on World War one, popular culture at the time, and The Environment.

We had lunch in an enormous restaurant, then a fantastic tour of the campus which was basically a mini town just for students. It had a massive library, impressive sports facilities, loads of cafes and restaurants and even a night club and a cinema.

There was so much to take in in just one day and we were all exhausted when we arrived back at PCS. Thank you to the University of Kent, and the student ambassadors who gave us our tours, for making our visit so worthwhile. We can't wait for our next trip in February to the University of Brighton.