Neuro-Ninja Programme

Harvey Waller - Thursday, July 09, 2020
Neuro-Ninja Programme

Be A Neuro-Ninja Programme for Peacehaven Community School

We are continually thinking of how to support our PCS community. We know you’ve all been working hard to help keep your son or daughter’s learning going whilst managing a whole range of other complexities. We’re so proud of all of you.

We’re excited to announce some additional support for our whole school community with an inspiring, exciting and engaging webinar for your whole family which is taking place on Tuesday 14 July at 7pm. Next year we’re working with Andrew from Action Your Potential to provide all of our students (and their parents) with engaging and exciting sessions all about our amazing brains. Andrew will give more details about this programme next Tuesday.

Tuesday 14 July’s webinar is called Well-Being Is A Skill and it is all about the neuroscience of well-being and anxiety and how, through understanding how our brains work, improve our mental health, stress management and well-being every day. You can watch the webinar live or you can watch a recording which will be sent out to you a few days later.

You don't need any software you just need a phone or device that can connect to the internet. They’re absolutely free. If you’d like to sign up click on the link.
Action Your Potential will only use your data to update you on times and dates of the seminars and share materials with you afterwards.

If you can’t sign up via the form email Andrew on

Looking forward to seeing you on the course. Here’s a poster about the course and here’s Andrew with an introductory video.

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Yours sincerely,

Darren Warner-Swann
Head of School

Liza Leung
Executive Headteacher

Andrew Wright
Action Your Potential