Normandy 2017

Harvey Waller - Friday, September 08, 2017
Normandy 2017

Fantastic four days in France! What a brilliant trip. Lots of food, culture and language. Very early on Tuesday 11th July, year 8 students left PCS en route for Normandy.

We stopped off at the beautiful fishing harbour of Honfleur on the way to our hotel in Franceville-Merville one of the many towns that played a significant role during the D-Day landings.

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We spent the following day in Bayeux, where we completed a town trail in the rain, it didn’t put us off though and some of us dried out when visiting the famous Tapestry. In the afternoon we went to Arromanches where we watched an amazing film in a 360 degree cinema all about the DDay landings – sounds and images were coming from all directions.

On Thursday we spent a really interesting morning in a goat’s cheese farm and we now all know about how to look after goats and how the cheese is made. The afternoon was spent on some hair raising rides at a French theme park.

To finish off the French experience we stopped at the picturesque town of Carbourg on our way home where students could spend some of their last Euros in a typical French market before a final stop off at a hypermarket. Thank you to Ms Hayhurst, Mr Monk and Ms Turner for taking us and thank you to Marcus the coach driver for putting up with our singing and dancing.