NYC Spinnathon

Harvey Waller - Thursday, July 20, 2017
NYC Spinnathon

Today is the Spinathon where our GCSE dancers are aiming to cycle the distance from Brighton to NYC (collectively), to raise money for the PCS Dancers NYC trip.

This event is taking place in the sports hall from 7am-3.00pm.

Please come along if you fancy a cycle to give the girls a break... they will need it!

Other events that took place during the last week of term were organised by Y10 student James and included:

  • Non-school uniform £1 entry at the gates, this raised - £552.92
  • Cake sales at both break and dinner time, this raised - £37.71
  • Staff V pupils football match, this raised - £43

These made a total of £633.63. Well done!

With more to come from today and previous events. Look out for our grand total coming soon or:

Help to raise money to take 33 students to NYC for a GCSE dance trip.
Please donate by clicking the link below: