PE - Keeping Warm

Harvey Waller - Monday, December 04, 2017
PE - Keeping Warm

During the winter months students will be expected to take part in PEoutside even in the cold and rain. Therefore it is important to wrap up warm. All students must wear full PE kit:

• Black PCS shorts
• Red PCS t-shirt
• PCS rugby top
• PCS rain jacket

Here are some tips on keeping warm this winter:

• Wear PCS joggers over your shorts
• Wear a t-shirt under your PE top (make sure no sleeves are showing)
• Wear a rugby top to cover your arms and for an extra layer
• You may wear a long sleeve top under your rugby top as long  as it is not a hoodie
• You may wear a warm woolly hat as long as there are no bobbles or tassels
• Gloves maybe worn in certain activities
• Be prepared for the rain and to get wet!!! Bring a towel to dry off and even a change of underwear so you are not damp all day
• Wear your PCS rain jacket. ( This must be worn over the top of your kit and can not be used during a rugby lesson)

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