Results Day

Harvey Waller - Thursday, August 20, 2020
Results Day

This year has seen uncharted waters for our Year 11 students and all in education. Although students were unable to sit exams, the results gained are a culmination of their work over five years at Peacehaven Community School.

We particularly admire the mature approach of our students throughout Year 11; we saw our students grow, as the year progressed through to March.

Peacehaven Community School staff worked diligently, professionally and with integrity to provide grades to exam boards that best reflect our students. We have been looking forward to speaking with and congratulating our students about their results, as well as providing support and guidance for their next steps. We have a team of staff volunteering to ensure we speak with every one of our students.

Darren Warner-Swann, Head of School at Peacehaven Community School said “We are proud of our students and the resilience they have shown and they should now celebrate their achievements.This year group are far more than the exam grades awarded to them, they are a group of determined, kind and resourceful young adults who will build upon the experiences of this year to move forwards positively. We would also like to thank our parents and carers for the support they have given to our learners.