Ski Trip 2018

Harvey Waller - Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Ski Trip 2018

Aujourd’hui c’est la fin des vacances de ski. Nous avons passé de très bonnes vacances ici à la montagne.

Tous les jours nous avons fait du ski. Il y avait beaucoup de soleil et beaucoup de neige. Tout le monde s’est bien amusés.

Par Tegan

Today is the end of our ski trip. We spent a great holiday here in the mountains.

Everyday we skied. There was lots of sunshine and lots of snow. Everybody enjoyed themselves.

By Tegan

Thursday 1st February
It snowed all night and most of today. It is a lot colder and windier.

It didn’t put us off though and we skied through the blizzard conditions and deep snow for 2 hours in the morning and another 2 in the afternoon. The instructors are very impressed with us and the progress we have made. There is some great teamwork being displayed. Today’s legends are Jamie N, Amelie, Hayden and Sam.

Wednesday 31st
We are halfway though the trip now and it’s amazing how much we have come on.

The sun is still shining and today we took 2 different chairlifts into the Mountains. At the top we could see for miles, we were completely surrounded by snow and mountains.

This evening, before dinner we took part in a downhill torchlight procession in the dark. We were met at the bottom by crowds of people who had come to watch. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow so looking forward to different skiing conditions. Today’s legends were... Ruby H, Tegan, Nobby, Ryan K, Ruby E and Dan.

Tuesday 30th
Today was our third day on the slopes. We are all getting really good.

Every group has been up on the chairlifts now. Harry dropped a ski pole from the lift and Grace left both her poles behind on the lift. Loads of us have fallen over but we are getting way better at controlling the skis.

Tommy thinks he’s near professional. We have done green, red and blue slopes so far and today we went downhill for 2km. Despite a few bumps and bruises we are having lots of fun. Today’s legends were Tommy, Ryan B and Dan.

By Tommy

The ski trip is absolutely amazing!

We arrived on Saturday teatime and got ourselves fully kitted out straight away so that we could get up early in the morning and out on the slopes first thing on Sunday. We all started on the beginners slopes learning how to stop! By the afternoon some of us were already good enough to try the steeper slopes.

The first day was exhausting so we slept well. Today when we woke up the sun was shining and all of us made loads of progress. We are now starting to learn how to do parallel turns, as well as being able to stop!! Some of us are still mastering the drag lift. We can’t wait until tomorrow.

By Tegan and Ruby