Spelling Bee

Harvey Waller - Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Spelling Bee

Charlie made it to the final of the East Sussex Spelling Bee. He was competing against the best of the county spellers.

It was a humbling experience for an English teacher to realise that I would struggle with most of the words that these Year 8 students were easily conquering. Charlie sailed through: 'alopecia', 'phenomenon' and 'reconnaissance' and achieved 10/10 on Round one. He also made it through Round 2 with an unblemished score.

Although he was narrowly beaten in the final round, he did PCS proud and it was great to be in the top three schools in the county alongside Uckfield and Healthfield.

Written by Miss Bliss.

Semi Final

On the 18th June Year 8 students Charlie, Harley & Fynlee went to the locality final of the East Sussex Spelling Bee  at Willingdon School in Eastbourne.

All three boys did exceptionally well and all received trophies to reward them for making it so far in the competition.

Charlie won the locality final overall and was awarded a silver plate as a prize. We have also won a trophy as a school.

Please congratulate the boys on such a fantastic effort, they've made our school very proud.