Student Dashboard

Harvey Waller - Wednesday, July 08, 2020
Student Dashboard

Our approach to digital learning has developed significantly over the last few months and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support with remote learning for our students during this time.

We have responded to feedback to make our systems easier for students to access by creating a unique PCS Student Dashboard that gives access to our GSuite apps (Google Classroom, Google Drive, Gmail), Seneca Learning, GCSEPod and SMHW.

The new dashboard will replace our current logging in system (RM Unify) as of Thursday 9th July.

Click here for instructions for how to access the new dashboard

Click here to download a PDF version of these instructions

We’re hopeful that this change will simplify access for students. However, if you do experience any difficulties accessing the dashboard please contact:         

Best wishes,

Catherine Jessey
Assistant Headteacher

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