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Harvey Waller - Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Dear Parents / carers,

First of all I would like to thank you for all the support you are giving your child as they start learning from home. This is a new way of learning for all of us and this first week will be about developing our working from home routine. In order to help your child develop an effective way of learning, we have attached some suggested guidelines for structuring the day.

This is very much a suggested way of learning and it will be for individual families to use as they see fit. Students learn in different ways and we are there to help them find the most effective way of doing so. For example students may want to:

• Roughly follow their school timetable so they work on up to 5 different subjects a day
• Work on one or two subjects in more detail during the day.

At present, staff are setting all work for students on Show My Homework. To access SMHW, students go to and sign in using their @swale.atlogin details. When logging into SMHW they must click ‘Sign in with Google’, leaving the School, Email address and Username fields blank. If prompted to enter a username, put in the email address and password again. Please do not use or pins to try to log in to SMHW, as these will not work. If your child is still having problems accessing Show My Homework, or issues with their RM Unify account, please contact the school.

Many staff are putting work on Google Classroom for students to access. If your child is experiencing difficulties with this, please ask them to email their class teacher. Once they have found the work, the best guidance for students is to:

• Plan it > Complete it > Send it back to their teacher

Some work may be due in the next day, or after a week, while project work may have a later deadline. It is important that students don’t rush the work, but concentrate on producing good quality pieces of work that really demonstrate a clear understanding of the topic they have been studying. We understand that times are very difficult for everybody at the moment, so please reassure your child that they will not be reprimanded for missing deadlines, although we will contact you if we are worried that there are significant gaps in work being submitted.

All work packs for students who can not work online from home, can be found on the school website. Students can do any work from these on paper and keep it safe. They can take photographs of their work to return to their teacher or parents/carers can confirm with individual teachers that this has been done. If you have any questions / queries regarding working from home, please contact any of the following:

Concerns Contact
Not being able to log on to RM Unify or Show my Homework Catherine Jessey -
Google Classroom class code required (if not provided on SMHW) Individual class teacher – email addresses can be found on the PCS school website. Please note that not all staff will use Google Classroom for every class.
Request for copy of work packs for students who do not have access to working online Josie Turner -
Not sure what work has been set or how to send it Individual class teacher – email addresses can be found by clicking here
Run out of work to do BBC Bitesize has a wealth of resources for every age and stage of learner:
Lastly, please ask your children to share their work with you, praise them for the work they have completed. At PCS our students are conscientious and committed to making a success of their studies, we will be recognising their efforts as well. Kind Regards, Josie Turner

Year 7 Study Pack 1

Year 8 Study Pack 1

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