Y10 Rugby Report

Harvey Waller - Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Y10 Rugby Report

On Thursday the 14th December the year 10 rugby team had their 3rd match of the county cup.

After winning 2/3 previous matches, PCS drew Dorothy Stringer to determine who goes through to the next stage.

From kick off Stringer were on the front foot, dominating in various areas and began to score. It was clear to see we weren’t completely in the right mindset, which was stopping us fulfilling our capability.

We then had a team talk about what we needed to do and got our heads in the right place. Suddenly we began to put pressure on the opposition forcing them to make mistakes or result to kicking. Finally we began to make the big hits, coming up hard on their players and defended our try line no matter what. In fact, we put so much pressure on them that in their own line out, inside their 22, they made a mistake resulting in Harvey kicking the ball through and falling on it on the try line. By the end of the first half the score was 17-7.

The second half made us look like a completely different team. We didn’t let them run through us, we put the hits in, made big breaks and ran through set pieces very well. Despite making a huge amount of ground and fantastic breaks we weren't able to score anymore points. The final score was 27-7.

The boys showed a huge amount of commitment, sportsmanship and most of all teamwork throughout the game. Playing stringer was a very hard and physical game as they are county champions, so to come away with this result is incredible and shows the capability of the students at PCS. Well done boys brilliant performance! Man of the match goes to George for putting his body on the line throughout the game, making try saving tackles and powering through everyone in his path.

Written by Harvey.