Y11 Exams

Harvey Waller - Friday, January 08, 2021

I wanted to write to you to acknowledge the government's announcement earlier this week with regards to the summer examinations.

At the moment we have access to the same information as you, but rest assured we will endeavour to respond quickly to the further details we have been promised. As it stands, GCSE exams have been cancelled. It appears that teacher assessed grades will be used instead. Vocational courses, such as BTECs, are to continue with assessments in some form.

Teachers will need evidence to award a grade. Grades will not be awarded to students unless they have displayed the level of work which meets the requirements of a particular grade. It seems reasonable to accept that students will not have covered the whole of the course and we hope the government will acknowledge this. However, we will work to ensure that students are given every opportunity over the coming months to submit work to the highest standard possible.

Our original plan was to have mock exams towards the end of January and into February. It seems likely that these will need to be modified. However, it appears that assessments of some kind are essential as an evidence base. It is therefore vital that your child engages with our remote learning and assessment plans between now and the summer. More detailed plans will follow. However, in the meantime, if your child is struggling to engage or motivate themselves at home you should contact the school for further guidance and support.

We do not wish for any child to be disadvantaged in terms of qualifications because of the pandemic. However, given that remote learning could continue for months rather than weeks, the key to success will be your support as a parent and the hard work and determination from your child.

We look forward to working with you in the challenging months ahead.

Take care and stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

Darren Warner-Swann
Head of School

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