Y11 GCSE Preparation Evening

Harvey Waller - Thursday, March 07, 2019
Y11 GCSE Preparation Evening

We will shortly be entering the exam season and we need to ensure that your son or daughter is as well prepared as they possibly can be.

We are now entering the final chapter of your child’s academic career at PCS. Your child needs to achieve the best GCSE results they can and so secure their future route through the next stage of their education, and ultimately their adult lives beyond.

As a parent or carer you can play a vital role in helping your son or daughter remain confident calm and focused during this period. In past years many parents have asked how they can support their children during their GCSE exams, and so we would like to help you do this and work in partnership with PCS to do so.

To help you do this, and to provide you with information about what will happen during the exam period at school, we are inviting you to an information evening at PCS on Thursday 21st March. There will be two opportunities to attend our presentation on preparation for the exam period at 5pm or 6pm.

We will provide information on how you can support your child over the coming months, as well as practical advice and guidance on revision strategies. We will aim to give you a clear picture on the amount of learning your child should be doing at home and how much learning they need to complete to be fully prepared and confident to do their very best.

We are also hosting a Year 11 Book Look on this evening between 5 and 6pm. Students will be able to show parents and carers their progress in their books, folders and portfolios in their tutor rooms. Students will be asked to collect work and deposit in their tutor rooms prior to the evening. You will be able to attend a presentation prior to looking at your child’s books, or visit their tutor room first, and then attend a presentation at 6pm.

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