Y7 Girls Football Report

Harvey Waller - Friday, November 08, 2019
Y7 Girls Football Report

On the 21st of October the year 7 girl’s football team went to Downlands for a match.

We had played them before in a tournament and lost 8-0 but that didn’t stop us from feeling positive. We soon realised their goal keeper was really good as she saved several attemps from Scarlet and Libi.

The first goal came from a free kick which went straight in the top of the goal so Katie couldn’t save it. Straight from kick off Libi got in a bunch with the goal keeper and a defender then she booted the ball and it went in! So thanks to Libi it was 1.1 and we were back in the game.

Soon after a Downlands player scored because our defenders weren’t there, the other players were more alert than us and so that's how they scored a couple more goals. We ended up losing 4-1 but for our first game together it was a really good effort and a big improvement from the tournament. Well done to the girls.