Y8 Football Match Reports

Harvey Waller - Wednesday, October 03, 2018
Y8 Football Match Reports

Vs Varndean
On Tuesday 2nd October, the year 8 PCS football team had their home debut vs Varndean.

It was a one sided game from the start. Our strikers were running rings around their defence, our midfield was passing through their team and our defence just sat back and dealt the ball with class when it came to them.

We were creating all the chances you could ask for, but something was just not working. We were pounding at the door and we eventually got a reply. It was just then, Theo made something out of nothing and the ball was pelted into the top right corner and we were one - nil up. Almost minutes later, Freddie scored a fantastic header from a corner, putting us two nil up.

We carried on performing well and sent two more goals in: another from Theo and one from Tom. That took us to half time.

From there the standard went up. Louis scored two screamers from a good range, Ben scored his first goal for PCS and our substitutes worked their socks off, sealing the win.

The game ended in a 7-0 win for the PCS squad. I am very proud of the boys and I hope we can carry on winning these games.

I would also like to quickly congratulate Ben and Connor because they did a great job on what was only their second game for PCS.

Year 8 Captain


Vs Blatchington Mill

On Monday 1st October, the year 8 PCS football team had their first league game against Blatchington Mill.

In the beginning, it was a thrilling game. One second the ball was one end, the next second, the other team were nearly through on goal. For the first ten minutes, the game was level, but only just. From a promising attack, Blatch lobbed the ball over our defensive line and put it in the back of the net making it 1-0.

Almost minutes later, a Blatch player lobbed our keeper from around twenty yards. It put them two nil up. From there it started to go down hill. We had hardly put a ball inside their half and they were passing around us. We worked hard though and saved ourselves a few times.

When it looked that we were absolutely finished, we pulled something out of the bag and created a handful of great chances. Unfortunately we could not convert them to goals, but we did not give up hope. Most of us ended up really fatigued because we were constantly running up and down. Blatch capitalised on that and scored three more goals. By then we were trying not to let as many goals in and get a consolation goal. Sadly, we couldn't, but we have more games to prove what we really can do.

Year 8 Captain