PCS 2017 GCSE results

Well done to our Year 11s for another excellent set of results.

We have some astonishing individual results. We have been led to believe that the new level 9 was virtually unobtainable, but we have secured four:

Sam Butler – 9 in Maths, 8 Eng Lang, 6 Eng Lit , 3x A*, 2x A awaiting Computing grade
Owen Hoad – Lang 8, Lit 5, Maths 9, 6x A, 1 xA* Awaiting CS grade
Amber Harrington – Lang 7, Lit 9, Maths 6, 1xA 4xB
Chloe Reed – Lang 9, Lit 6, Maths 8 5xA, 2xB
Sam and Alessia Manco had the highest progress in the year group.

The following students all did tremendously well:

Billy South – Lang 7, Lit 5, Maths 8, 2x A*, 3x A, 1xB
Andreea Talpis – Joined in October from Italy - Lang 6, Lit 6, Maths 8 2xA*, 2xA, 1x B, 1xC
Rosie Burnage – 6 in Lang, 7 in Lit, 6 in Maths, 5 x A, 1 x A*
Dana Bartram – 6 in Lang, 7 in Lit, 6 in Maths, 3 x A, 1 xA*
Amy Christmas – 8 in Lang, 7 in Lit, 7 in Maths, 6 x A, 1 xA*
Darryl Gilburt – 7 in lang, 6 in Lit, 7 in Maths, 6 x A, 1 xA*
Chloe Harwood – Lang 7, Lit 7, Maths 6 4x As, 3 xBs

Yasmin Simanjuntak deserves a mention for joining in Year 11 and doing exceptionally well.

Maycee Rogers, George Todd, Spencer Sherwood and Robbie Soper-Dyer all had 100% attendance for their whole school career and picked up 4+ in English, Maths and Science.

Our 2017 cohort had a tough challenge, as they had been through a period of significant change in the school and were the first year through the new, more rigorous GCSEs.

As a school we have made sure that all of our students are studying the right courses for them, regardless of its impact on the school's results. The most important figure for us is that 99% of our students have been able to go on to their chosen college course or apprenticeship. In the other nationally recognised measures the school achieved the following:

PCS 2017 results
Progress 8 score -0.43
Attainment 8 score 36.83
Basics (English and Maths at C or above) 47%
Percentage achieving English Baccalaureate 9%
Student destinations 99%

Please click here for the Department For Education performance tables.

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