The PCS uniform will officially change as of 1st September, 2017.
The uniform will consist of:

* Black Blazer Available from Premier Sports only
* Tie Available from Premier Sports only
* White cotton shirt Available from any suppliers  

* Black trousers / Black pleated skirt

Available from any suppliers  
* Black leather shoes    
* Black v-neck woollen pullover Available from any supplier (optional)  

In order to keep costs to a minimum and for your convenience, we have ensured that only the Blazer and Tie have to be purchased from the supplier. All other items are widely available from supermarkets and high-street stores.

The new uniform will be compulsory for students in Years 7 to 9 and optional in other years. Girls may, until the stocks at Premier Sports have been depleted, continue to wear the existing PCS skirt so that replacements do not have to be purchased.

A reminder of chosen tie colours can be found below. These will ‘follow’ students throughout the school, e.g. Year 7 will wear a light blue tie up until they leave school in Year 11.

Students will be able to use their existing polo shirts and sweatshirts as PE kit so please do not dispose of these!

All other expectations regarding uniform, make-up, piercings and pupil equipment will remain:

Students can wear their own trainers for PE.

If you have any queries please email enquiries@pcs.e-sussex.sch.uk

or call the main school office line 01273 581100.

We are very excited about seeing the students in their new uniforms in September.

Tie Colours

Year Group Tie Colours - 2017/18
Light Blue

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9
Royal Blue

Year 10

Year 11

PE Kit

PE Kit: Essential Items:
• PCS red polo shirt
• PCS black shorts
• Trainers - non marking soles

PE Kit: Optional Items:
• PCS rugby top
• PCS joggers
• PCS rain jacket

Further advice and guidance can be found on the PE page of our website

One simple ring per hand
One pair of small ear studs
One simple bracelet
One watch

No other items may be worn and all jewellery must be removed for PE lessons.
No body piercings, including nose, lip, tongue, eyebrow or multiple ear piercings are allowed.

• Hair should be neat and of natural coloured appearance and all one colour
• Extreme hairstyles and fashion statements are not allowed

• Make-up is not appropriate for school and should not be worn. This includes nail varnish/nail art.


Be sure to have the "Golden Six"

The basic equipment needed for every lesson:

• Folder/box file – large enough to carry exercise books and A4 sheets unfolded
• Planner – supplied by PC for Years 7 and 8
• Reading Book
• Pen – black or blue
• Pencil
• Ruler

Lunch Cards, Locker Keys and Planners

Students are issued with a lunch card (if they decide not to be registered on our biometric system) and locker key when they start at PCS. Planners are issued at the start of the summer term to years 7 and 8. These items are the student's responsibility to keep safe.

We do not charge deposits (unlike most schools that have lockers) but if your key, lunchcard or planner is lost or damaged, defaced including graffiti etc, you will be expected to pay replacement costs.

Please note that lockers are school property and that a condition of having a locker is that the student and parent/carer consents to have the locker searched for any unauthorised item whether or not the student is present.

  • Replacement costs are as follows:
  • • Lunch cards: £5
  • • Locker keys: £5
  • • Planners: £2.50
  • All items are available from reception.

    We rely on parents to support us in ensuring students wear correct uniform and have the correct equipment. This allows us to focus on learning.


    Need Help?

    Simply contact the school office via our telephone or email address. During term we aim to respond within 24 hours.

    01273 581100