PCS Baccalaureate

The PCS Baccalaureate is an academic pathway that enables students to work towards increased participation in higher education and professional work opportunities. Students are supported to engage with a balanced curriculum in an environment that promotes higher level learning and critical thinking.

Mission statement:

To ensure able students make outstanding progress. These students should strive for academic excellence within a curriculum with appropriate challenge. They need to understand their potential from early in their school career and fulfil it within a caring and challenging environment. This will enable these students to have access to top providers in further and higher education, resulting in an increased range and quality of job opportunities. The overarching aim is to create learners who are aspirational role models for others within the school community and future professionals who will contribute to the wider community.


• To prevent underachievement and ensure students have access to activities and teaching that challenge them sufficiently
• To provide opportunities for students to work at higher cognitive levels
• To increase the number of students who continue successfully to further education and beyond.

Student Reviews:

"When this pathway was introduced I thought hard about the challenges and I wanted to push myself.
The Baccalaureate is different because we have extra lessons in Classics, Politics, Philosophy and Russian, some in school time and some after school.
There is a commitment to give up some time after school.
I also help on office duty before school. Many other people help in the library or get involved in things like the PCS shop.
I think being on the Baccalaureate helps me to focus more in lessons and want to work harder. It is quite competitive, lots of students are beating their targets for the end of the year.
This is my portfolio – we all have one of these to collect evidence of all of our achievements over the year.
I am looking forward to being in year 9 and being a role model, helping support the year 8 students as a peer mentor."

Written by Charlie (Year 8)

"Since joining the PCS Baccalaureate at the start of year 8, I feel my end of year grades have risen and I feel I have made a lot of progress. I feel that I have been challenged but at the same time the work load is manageable, I was worried about this particular issue at the start.
The support we get from the teachers is amazing and there are many teachers available for us to go to if we need any extra help after school.
We have a wide range of clubs available to participate in, even extra-curricular ones.
Another brilliant thing about being on the pathway is that we have already started to think about the future, we have visited 2 Universities – I preferred Brighton. Next Friday we are going to The Houses of Parliament.
Being on the Baccalaureate has helped prepare me for my GCSE’s and got me thinking about how to get the job I feel particularly passionate about.
If your child decides to join the pathway, I hope they enjoy the experience as much as I am."

Written by Courtney (Year 8)

Length of Course:
The PCS Baccalaureate pathway begins in Year 8. It is a one-year pathway in preparation for relevant GCSE courses.

Curriculum Expectations:
This is an aspirational pathway that fully prepares students for a rigorous academic curriculum as they progress to GCSE level. Students will be expected to study French or Spanish at GCSE level in year 9 and beyond, in addition to History or Geography and two GCSE options of their choice.

Baccalaureate students will be grouped together in Year 8 to study English, Maths, Science, Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages.

Extra curriculum provision:
Students will have an opportunity to experience a variety of additional extra-curricular courses, such as Classics, Philosophy, Politics and Russian and enriching activities, including a range of creative options. Baccalaureate students will be expected to undertake community roles of responsibility during year 8 and other leadership roles as they progress through school.

Over the course of the year the students will take part in university visits. They will have an opportunity to share their future aspirations with university lecturers and undergraduates.

The application process:
The Baccalaureate pathway is open to students who have demonstrated that they have the ability to rise to academic challenges during Year 7, complementary to their previous high attainment at primary school. Behaviour and attendance records will play a key role in selection.

PCS Bac coordinator:
The Baccalaureate pathway at PCS is co-ordinated by J Turner, Assistant Head teacher.

Success Criteria and Outcomes:
For successful outcomes, the Baccalaureate pathway requires a genuine partnership between students, staff and parents/carers. Staff, students and parents/carers will work together to support:

• Self-awareness and a sense of control and influence over learning
• Knowledge of what is required to achieve excellence
• Self-confidence and increased motivation
• Good independent study skills
• An awareness of linking learning to the real world
• Learning beyond the syllabus
• Good social skills
• Good speaking, listening and critical thinking skills
• Sophisticated vocabulary and a good command of the English language

If you have any further questions please contact Ms Turner jturner@pcs.e-sussex.sch.uk

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