The Shadow QueenGeneration NextThe Shadow Queen
by C.J. Redwine

In this exciting fantasy with plenty of unexpected twists, a princess vows to overthrow the evil Queen who rules the land which rightfully belonged to her family.

Generation Next
by Oli White

The debut novel from YouTuber Oli White. Jack and his friends find themselves thrust into the spotlight when the social media platform they have created goes viral.

MaladaptedFollow Me BackMaladapted
by Richard Kurti

In this action-packed sci-fi/dystopia, Cillian goes searching for answers when he finds he is the sole survivor of a devastating terrorist attack on a packed Metro train.

Follow Me Back
by Nicci Cloke

A psychological thriller, in which 17-year-old Aiden becomes the prime police suspect when his former friend Lizzie goes missing.

The Last StarWe Are All Made Of MoleculesThe Last Star
by Rick Yancey

The apocalyptic finale to the 5th Wave series. The remaining humans battle for survival against the Others while trying to cling onto the essence which makes them human.

We Are All Made Of Molecules
by Susin Nielsen

This heart-warming novel follows the developing relationship between Stewart (intellectually gifted and socially inept) and Ashley (vain, shallow and self-obsessed) as they are forced to live and to go to school together when their single parents move in together.

The Shepherd’s CrownEndgameThe Shepherd’s Crown
by Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett's final Discworld novel, featuring the witch Tiffany Aching, Tiffany makes a last stand along with the other witches as the elven hordes prepare to invade the land.

by Chris Ryan

Another page-turner in the Agent 21 series. When Zak Darke’s handlers are abducted by somebody with a serious personal vendetta against him, Zak has no choice but to go after them.

Wolf HollowWelcome to CringefestWolf Hollow
by Lauren Wolk

Annabelle has lived in Wolf Hollow all her life: a quiet place, still scarred by two world wars. But when cruel, manipulative Betty arrives in town, Annabelle's calm world is shattered, along with everything she's ever known about right and wrong.

Welcome to Cringefest
by Ben Davis

The third instalment in the Private Blog of Joe Cowley. From a 'Grand Gesture' to win ex-girlfriend Natalie back involving Star Trek costumes and the school boyband, to being trapped in a portaloo that's about to be pushed over, Joe's embarrassingly funny adventures continue.

UnbecomingDangerous LiesUnbecoming
by Jenny Downham

Katie's life is falling apart: her dad's run off, she's in love with someone whose identity she can't reveal and now her estranged grandmother's turned up on the doorstep and Katie's expected to take care of her. But Katie discovers she's not the only one in her family hiding the truth...

Dangerous Lies
by Becca Fitzpatrick

As the key witness in a murder trial, Stella is under witness protection. No one can know who she really is, not even her enigmatic neighbour, Chet. But Stella finds herself falling under Chet's spell - will he be her shelter, or her downfall?

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