Remote Learning

Accessing IT at PCS

Click here for information on how to access Google Classroom and Show My Homework

Continuity of Teaching and Learning to ensure effective remote learning

Our whole school approach to remote learning will replicate the effectiveness of live classroom teaching:

• Ensuring students receive clear explanations
• Supporting growth in confidence with new material through scaffolded practice
• Application of new knowledge or skills
• Enabling students receive feedback on how to progress

Whole school expectation:

• School work will be set daily according to the timetable
• Students will be expected to work on the number of subjects on their timetable per day
• Communication will be through SMHW and Google Classroom
• Work will be appropriate to the age and stage of the learner
• Work will be completed by all students
• Work will be monitored, assessed and feedback given

*For those students with no online access workpacks will be provided

The Form tutor will:
  Contact their tutor group with a check in email through Google Classroom weekly.

Invite students to share any concerns regarding distance learning and follow up.
Some students will have a Keyworker who will:
  Contact the student with either an email or phone call weekly.

Follow up any issues/concerns with appropriate staff.
Teaching staff will:
  Use Show My Homework to direct students towards task.

Prepare high quality, differentiated lessons in Google Classroom.

Deliver lessons in line with timetable schedule.

Be available to answer any questions students may have at the time they are being expected to attempt tasks.

Deliver at least one Loom lesson a week.

Make it clear as to how they wish students to submit work.

Monitor progress and feedback to students.

Monitor attendance through GC, by asking students to engage using classroom stream.

Reward students.

Inform parents and carers if work is not being completed.
Students will:
  Check their emails every morning by 8.50am.

Check their timetable every morning.

Follow the structure of their normal timetable on a daily basis.

Engage with their classroom teacher through class stream to confirm attendance.

Email their class teacher if they are struggling with any of the work set.
Parents will:
  Check the work set by 8.50am.

Help their child plan the structure of the day.

Check that the work has been understood and ask their child to contact the teachers via their emails.

Raise any concerns with their child’s teacher.



Need Help?

Simply contact the school office via our telephone or email address. During term we aim to respond within 24 hours.

01273 581100