Subject Overview

We want to instil a sense of wonder about the world in which we live. By having a deep understanding of Science, students can appreciate the world around us and how it works.

We want all students to develop an awareness of the impact science has on our lives and give students the ability to express their ideas about science and make informed decisions on science issues, such as GM food and vaccines, using currently available evidence.

Students as scientists will develop many skills including precision and accuracy, creativity, team work, assessing risks, reasoning skills and the ability to evaluate evidence. They will uncover knowledge in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Teaching and Learning

Year 7

Students are taught in mixed ability groups

Terms 1 and 2
Science skills
States of matter
Terms 3 and 4
Ecological relationships
Terms 5 and 6
Atoms elements and compounds

Year 8

Students are taught in mixed ability groups

Terms 1 and 2
Anatomy and gas exchange
Sound waves
Separation techniques
Terms 3 and 4
Heart start (a module looking at first aid)
Terms 5 and 6
Periodic table and materials
Photosynthesis and respiration
Forces and motion

KS4 Course(s) offered

Year 9

Terms 1 and 2
Physical chemistry
Metal chemistry
Terms 3 and 4
B1 Cell level systems
P1 Matter
Terms 5 and 6
B2 Scaling up
C1 Particles

Year 10

We follow OCR Gateway Science where they will learn Physics (P) Chemistry (C) and Biology (B). Students will have 2 Science teachers. The majority of students will take Combined Science which is worth two GCSEs. Some students will have the opportunity to take Triple Science which is worth three GCSEs. They will move through the curriculum more quickly and be taught extra lesson content.

Terms 1 and 2
C2 Elements and compounds
P2 Forces
B3 Organism level systems
Terms 3 and 4
C3 Chemical reactions
P3 Electricity and magnetism
C4 Predicting and identifying reactions
Terms 5 and 6
P4 Waves and Reactivity
C5 Monitoring and controlling chemical reactions
B5 Genes, inheritance, selection

Year 11- Current students will continue with OCR 21st Century Science

Terms 1 and 2
P5 Radioactive materials
C6 Making useful chemicals
B6 Life on Earth
Terms 3 and 4
P6 Matter
Term 5
Revision for final exams


Y7, 8 and 9
• Students will sit end of module tests (exam style questions) and be asked to complete a written assessment. They will also sit an end of year exam.

• Students in Y9 will take end of module exams and a Science SAT paper in term 3 which will help determine their GCSE class. At the end of the year they will take a GCSE mock paper.

Students will sit module tests as each is completed. They will sit mock exams at the end of the year.

Students will sit mock exams in November and February. In May and June they will sit their real exams-; all grades are based on these exams only.

Combined Science: Students will take four exams of 1 hour and 45 minutes each. This includes separate papers for Biology, Chemistry and Physics plus a combined paper featuring all three.

Triple Science: Students will take six exams of 1 hour and 45 minutes each. This will include two papers for each of the three disciplines.


• All homework is set in accordance with the homework timetables
• Y7 Homework is set 1 x 30 minute per week.
• Y8 Homework is set 1 x 60 minute per week.
• Y9 Homework is set 1 x 90 minute per week.
• Y10 and Y11 Homework is set 2 x 60 minutes per week.

Teaching Staff

Lisa Murray - Head of Science -
Gianluca Pretta - Science Teacher -
Philip Skelley - KS3 Science Coordinator & Science Teacher -
Catherine Jessey - Assistant Head Teacher - Attendance & Science -
Rachel Henocq - Assistant Head Teacher - Progress & Outcomes & Science -
Sara Connolly - Assistant Head Teacher - Behaviour & Science -
Ann-Marie Waite - Assistant Head - Learning Support SENCO & Science -
Michael Burney - Science Teacher -
Emily Haggan - Science Teacher -
Nazifa Hossain - Science Teacher-
Mikey Lear - ICT/Computer StudiesTeacher -
Rosalind Elsmore - Science Teacher -
Megi Bendo - Science Teacher -
Glyn Martin - Science Teacher -
Linda Hallett - Senior Science Technician -
Endeavour Dowsett - Science Technician -



Need Help?

Simply contact the school office via our telephone or email address. During term we aim to respond within 24 hours.

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