Sports Awards Meal

The PCS PE department had the pleasure of running its annual Sports Awards meal
for Year 11 V-CERT students at Donatello's restaurant in Brighton.

A well attended event led to a night of memories from their time in PE being read out and remembered. The evening celebrates the students journey over the last 2 years studying the V-CERT Health and Fitness course.

The prestigious PCS Sports Personality which has a history dating back to 2007 was awarded. To be nominated for this award the students have to have consistently represented the school through a number of events throughout their time at the school and are picked by the PE department, but to win is down to the year 11 cohort.

Six students were nominated these being; Jaydan O, Lola G, Tyler S, Lois C, Jake B and Mia B and it was the closest vote in recent years. The runner up being Lola G and the eventual winner of the 2024 PCS Sports Personality being Tyler S.