January LFT Tests

Dear PCS Families,

Happy New Year. I do hope you have all had restful breaks and have stayed well. We are looking forward to starting the new year and want to remind students that we want our interactions to be positive, and about their educational journey through school. To this end, I’d like to remind everyone of our uniform and our mobile phone policy so we can start as we mean to go on.

Here is a reminder of how the new year will start and the updated guidance from the Government around Covid-19 risk reduction measures.

We will be wearing masks in classrooms and communal areas when we return to school and I would ask that you please supply a reusable, material mask for your child/children. We will be charging a small cost that will be donated to charity for any disposable masks that we give out. It is advised that students bring a spare mask.
We are going to be refreshing our list of students exempt from wearing masks, you will receive a separate email requesting this information though you will not be asked for evidence, it is purely to help us identify students.

LFD testing
Guidance update: Even if someone has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days, they are strongly encouraged to take part in LFD testing on-site or at home once they have completed their isolation period for their prior infection.

All students will be tested on Tuesday 4th January as per the schedule below and we require consent - please follow this link to complete: https://forms.gle/8izbgCHNxKNTkkR6A

Only Y11 will stay in school on 4th January for their lessons and so need to arrive in their school uniform. They will be tested and then once they receive their negative test, they will go to their lessons. Their individual start times will be staggered between 08:00 and 11:00.

All other year groups will be tested on Tuesday 4th January but will not come back to school for lessons until Wednesday 5th January at 08:30 and so do not need to wear their uniform for testing on Tuesday.

So all students within each year group do not arrive at the same time, we are dividing each time slot to reduce waiting time based on your child’s mentor group. This is as follows:

Morning sessions Afternoon sessions
Year 11
8.30am = 11T1
9am = 11T2 & 11T7
9.30am = 11T3 & 11T6
10am = 11T4 & 11T5
10.30am = 11T8
Year 8
12pm = 8T1
12.30pm = 8T2 & 8T3
1pm = 8T4 & 8T5
1.30pm = 8T7 & 8T8
2.00pm = 8T6
Year 7
8.30am = 7T1
9am = 7T2 & 7T3
9.30am = 7T4 & 7T6
10am = 7T7 & 7T8
10.30am = 7T5
Year 9
12pm = 9T1
12.30pm = 9T2 & 9T3
1pm = 9T4 & 9T5
1.30pm = 9T6 & 9T7
2.00pm = 9T8

Year 10
3.30pm = 10T1, 10T2 & 10T3
4pm = 10T4 & 10T5
4.30pm = 10T6 & 10T7

Your child should not attend this appointment if they wake up on the day with any of the symptoms of COVID-19. However, please contact the school to make us aware that they will not be attending. These symptoms are:

● High Temperature
● New Continuous cough
● Loss of taste or smell.

The testing is not compulsory, but we would encourage students to take the tests to ensure our community stays safe. Students who have not been given permission for testing will be unable to complete a test at school.

Any students who test positive with a LFD test will be asked to take a confirmation PCR test.

Kindest regards

Rachel Henocq