Geography Gameshow

Harvey Waller - Thursday, December 12, 2019
Geography Gameshow

After a 3 year gap Neal Nicholls returned once more to deliver his Geography Gameshow on Friday 6th December 2019.

An american from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Neal delivers his Geography Gameshow all around the world.Peacehaven Community School was the first school in the UK to have the opportunity to watch Neal draw the map of the world from memory back in the early 2000's.

Once again our Year 7 students watched on in awe and wonder at Neal's talent. Neal starts the show by asking the students 10 key questions. He advises the students that with good listening skills and by paying close attention they will be able to answer all of these questions by the end of the gameshow and have the opportunity to win prizes!!

The experience was not just about observing Neals incredible artistic talent. Neal offers a great deal of historical information about the different countries in the world, including the Spanish conquest of the America's; the meaning behind the different names of countries; and Livingstone's exploration of Africa.

Throughout the show Neal offers guidance and advice to support students in their learning and the need to remember large amounts of information for exams. His different techniques for recall were an enlightening revision strategy.

Neal has a talent to involve all the students in his show, with collective responses frequently encouraged. However, it was also exciting to watch Romilly in the first show and Marshall in the second, to demonstrate their understanding of North and South America. Initially unable to answer all the questions, they were shown through revision of the knowledge they could and were indeed successful in locating James Bay, Baffin Island, The Davis Strait and Patagonia as well as a number of other key features.

Other students involved included Nicole, Phoenix, Tyler, Daisy, Emma, Kara, Tomas, Amelia, David and Lola in show 1. Aailyah, Charlie, Reza, Billy, Niamh, Oscar and Luca in show 2.

Connor and Marissa should be proud of their success in the final game and i hope they, along with everyone else who took part, will cherish their momentos of this event.

Year 7 PCS students represented the school brilliantly and I am sure left the gameshow with a passion to find out more and experience the world for themselves.

Many thanks to Neal once again for sharing his talent and expertise and we look forward to you visiting again soon.