Letter from the Head of School

Harvey Waller - Thursday, March 18, 2021
Letter from the Head of School

I am fortunate to have been a staff member at PCS for 17 years, arriving as the school was being built in 2001.

I had a 3 year interlude and was privileged to return in 2019 as PCS joined Swale Academies Trust, as Head of School. I am now moving into the next phase of my life and have taken the decision to depart PCS at the end of this academic year.

PCS is a good school and is now more successful because of the support from Swale Academies Trust. I returned to PCS along with Liza Leung, our Executive
Headteacher, who will continue to guide the school forwards over the coming years. The support of the Trust will ensure PCS will continue on its upward journey and will now recruit the next headteacher. Also playing a key role in this recruitment will be our governors who share our school values.

I am proud of the PCS students and have been pleased to play a part in their education. I am also proud of the staff teams who are committed to raising standards
and care for our students. I am grateful for the support the PCS community has given to our school and I know that you will welcome and work with the next
headteacher at PCS on its journey of continual improvement.

Yours sincerely,

Darren Warner-Swann

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