Y11 Controlled Assessments Letter

Harvey Waller - Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Over the course of the last two terms our year 11 students have been completing controlled assessments to provide evidence in awarding grades for this summer’s GCSE results.

The students are currently completing controlled assessment three. This has been arranged to give our students as many opportunities as possible to provide evidence of the grades that students are capable of.

The government requires all schools to produce a policy on how they award Teacher Assessed Grades. The policy outlines how our school will make sure that our procedures for grading are fair, objective, consistent and based on evidence produced by the students. A copy of the policy we have submitted is on our website if you wish to read it. It is worth noting that the Teacher Assessed Grades are confidential and not given out to students or parents. Any indicative grades given to students should be treated as such. They are an indication, not a result. The grades awarded are based on national standards set by exam boards. Ultimately it will be the exam boards who award the grades for distribution on the results day, on August 12th.

A range of materials are being used as sources of evidence including

• Whole past papers;
• Additional Assessment Materials provided by exam boards;
• Completed or incomplete Non-Examined Assessment (often referred to as coursework);
• Substantial class or homework (including those that took place during remote learning);
• Internal tests taken by students;
• Records of a student’s capability and performance over the course of study in
performance based subjects such as music, drama and PE;
• Records of each student’s progress and performance over the course of study.

Throughout the remaining time our year 11 students are with us, there will be further opportunities for students to provide evidence of the grades they are capable of. The underlying principle is that grades are awarded to pupils based upon the evidence we have for them.

Our aim is to give as many opportunities as possible for our students to provide evidence,
therefore attendance every day at school is important.

Yours sincerely

Darren Warner-Swann
Head of School

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