School Ethos


We want to capture and enhance the hopes of our students by inspiring a sense of craftsmanship, re-drafting and improving what we do, aiming for excellence and pride in our work. We can always improve and should seek to be our best in what we do and how we present ourselves.


Self-confidence comes from the ability to succeed, even though the journey may have been difficult. We encourage our students to have strategies to see through problems and complete the task together as part of a community. We can learn from our failures, and with support, we can grow and know we have the skills and ability to face challenges to be successful.


As our students gain in self-confidence they raise their aspirations, believe in themselves and reap the rewards of doing this. We want our students to rise to challenges and perform at their best, this will then give them solid foundations for their future careers beyond PCS.

Setting challenging, yet achievable targets allows us to track students’ progress and reward achievement. High quality feedback ensures that students are fully engaged and given the opportunity to shape their own pathways.