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The internet is such a big part of children’s lives now. Children are increasingly accessing the service whether it be on a laptop, mobile phone or PC. It can create so many educational and social opportunities, along with access to a world of information. We are asking that you help us to ensure your child’s safety online by acting as you would to protect your child in the non-virtual world.

By helping us to do this you are giving your child a life skill that they can use to get the most from the internet, yet stay safe whilst doing it.

This booklet has been designed to help you, as a parent to understand the sites that your children are accessing and the actions you can take to make sure they are safe whilst using the computer.

PCS Guide to Internet Safety and Parental Responsibility for Social Networking Sites

Useful Resources

Parents Guide to Technology
Know IT All for Parents
ESCC - Online Safety Education Document

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Facebook is becoming a big part of most teenagers’ lives and it has come to our attention that lots of our older pupils are accessing the social network. We would like to remind you that the age limit for registering is 13 years old. When Facebook is abused it can become a great danger to its users. Friends can have arguments and verbally abuse each other and post abusive comments on each others’ walls. Other friends can become involved and the next thing you know it has become a huge friendship issue which is then brought to school, causing a considerable amount of upset for all involved.

Is the school responsible for what happens on Facebook between pupils?
The short answer is “no”. Facebook is a social network that people can only access outside of school. As a parent it is your responsibility to monitor your child’s interactions on websites, including Facebook. If you monitor your child’s Facebook page and see something that concerns you, then you need to contact Facebook directly.

What are the best ways to monitor your child’s usage?

1. Do not let your child sit their bedroom on their own unsupervised with a laptop or computer
2. Know your child passwords; this way you can access their account
3. Talk openly about what sites your child is viewing
4. Have your own Facebook profile and be friends with your child. This way you can view their wall
5. Add your email as the main contact so you will receive notification emails
6. Observe the age limit. You have to be 13 to register

If you are allowing a child have a Facebook account despite the age restrictions then you should monitor their usage.



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