Frequently Asked Questions

You feel unwell during the day
Tell your teacher who will give you a red slip. You must not phone home or go directly to the medical room.

You have lost your locker key or swipe card
Report it at reception.

You are having problems at home or school and need to talk to someone about it
Speak to your mentor or arrange to see the Student Welfare Team.

Forgotten your PE kit or can't do PE
Tell the PE faculty. Spare kit will be issued, if they have some available.

Forgotten your homework
Tell your teacher.

Forgotten your homework
Tell your teacher.

Lost or Stolen items
Speak to your Tutor or report the incident to reception.

Need to contact home
Speak to someone in reception.

You don't know what or where your next lesson is or you have lost your timetable
Ask for another timetable at reception.

You are late
Sign in at reception before going to your first lesson.

You want to go on holiday during term time
A request from your parent/carer needs to be made in writing to the Attendance Officer.

You have a form that needs handing in
Hand any forms in at reception. Money should be handed directly to the Finance Officer.

A friend has a crisis. You have fallen out with friends. Bullying issues or people are not speaking to you
Speak to your Tutor.

Drugs or alcohol
If you know/hear of other students taking drugs or alcohol, please report this to the Student Welfare Team.

Careers advice, work experience, college placements
Go to the Careers Office or make an appointment to see the Connexions Career Advisor.

If you have a problem with one of your option choices, please speak to your Tutor.

Exams advice
Speak to the Exams Officer.

You have too much work and are feeling stressed
Speak to your Tutor.

You have been hurt by another student
Speak to your Tutor.

You have to make up time and you have forgotten
Speak to the teacher you need to make the time up with.




Need Help?

Simply contact the school office via our telephone or email address. During term we aim to respond within 24 hours.

01273 581100