PCS will only administer medication (whether it be on a temporary or long term basis) to students under the following conditions:

All medication for students must be in the original packaging and accompany a Parental Consent Form

• Ibuprofen cannot be accepted unless it has been prescribed

• Staff can not administer antibiotics unless they are in the original packaging with the prescription name and doseage instructions marked clearly

Please make sure medication is in date, any medication such as paracetamol which goes out of date will automatically be thrown away

• If students are asthmatic they should carry their inhalers with them but Medical Room personnel can look after spare inhalers or for when a child is doing PE for example

• Any medication needing to be administered by the school needs to be accompanied by a consent form (a copy of which is downloadable below). This includes medication such as antibiotics for temporary/short term conditions

If your child has suffered a serious injury outside of school such as a broken bone they must come in to see a person in the Medical Room to complete some paperwork and discuss a care plan.

Should your child be diagnosed with any medical condition(s) please can you either call or pop in to see us so that we can be aware of any needs that your child may have.

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Parental Consent Form

School Health Team

Who we are

Our team consists of School Nurse, School Staff Nurses and School Nurse Assistants.

We are all qualified Nurses, and as a School Nurse we have specialist training in public health.

We work closely with Health Visitors, Community Paediatricians, Schools and other services from your local community.

What we do

We offer school-based support for individual pupils, self-referral (via the Drop-In), health education and promotion and confidential advice for young people.

We provide advice, support and signposting on behaviour management, emotional health and wellbeing, puberty and growing up, healthy eating and lifestyle and sexual health.

The focus is to promote and protect health and wellbeing and prevent ill health.

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