On the first day of their arrival, students should enter school by the main student entrance. The timings allow us to ensure all students can be informed of the procedures they need to follow and prevent mixing of ‘year group bubbles’. Further information will be given to the students on their arrival about dedicated year group student entrances and exits.

School Timetable

Once in school the students’ daily structure will be as follows.

Time Activity
8:40 Latest arrival time to the school site
8:50 Lesson 1
9:50 Lesson 2
10:50 Breaktime
11:10 Lesson 3
12:10 Lesson 4
13:10 Lunchtime
13:40 Tutor Time
14:00 Lesson 5
15:00 End of school day

Year 7 students will have modified times with their day beginning 15 minutes earlier starting at 08.35 and ending 15 minutes earlier at 14.45.

Year 9 students will have a shortened lesson 5 and leave school at 14.50.

On Monday 7th September we have prepared a special transition day for our new Year 7s. No other students will be in school and this will give our year 7 students time to have a tour of the school, to meet key staff and to become more familiar with routines and their tutor group in their new school.

If you are accompanying your child to school, or collecting them from school, please do not gather around the school entrance. We have a responsibility to limit the size of gatherings as students enter and leave the school and kindly ask you to assist us with these arrangements.



Need Help?

Simply contact the school office via our telephone or email address. During term we aim to respond within 24 hours.

01273 581100