Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or ‘DofE’ as it is referred to, is the world’s leading youth achievement award. Established 61 years ago and undertaken by millions of young people, employers, colleges and universities recognise DofE as one of the top programmes through which young people develop valuable personal and work related skills such as: confidence, independence, self-esteem, communication, team work and resilience.

The award develops these skills through a broad and balanced programme of activities which can be undertaken at three levels Bronze, Silver and Gold. Activities are completed for progressively longer timescales at each level and fall into in to the following sections:-

 Volunteering:  To give your time freely to help your community, people, environment or animals.

 Physical:  Take part in an activity that requires a sustained level of physical energy to develop greater physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

 Skills:  Develop personal interests by learning a new skill or improving an existing one.

 Expedition:  Develop a spirit of adventure and discovery by completing a self-sufficient journey as part of a team.

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Despite the current situation students enrolled on the DofE at PCS in 2019-2020 have continued to work on their Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections of the Award as best they can and are looking forward to the rescheduled Expedition training and dates later in the academic year in order to complete the Award.

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Parent Information

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Update

Bright Expeditions Coronavirus Guidance for Schools, Parents and Participants

Important Dates

Saturday 27th February 2021 – Training Day
Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th June 2021 – Practice Expedition
Monday 12th July and Tuesday 13th July 2020-2021 – Final Assessment Expedition



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